Tuesday, November 22, 2005

An oldie, but a goodie: The translation of Ready.gov's vague-ass "instructional pictures":

Thursday, November 17, 2005

I identify with these posts from Postsecret.

"Penelope Jean" would be turning 2 March 2006. (it was too early to know if it was a boy or girl, but my exhusband chris and I had decided on that name...)

Friday, September 09, 2005

Theme: Thanks
Dear Mr. Bush: ...

Theme: Thanks
"No, dammit! I tagged you - You're IT!"... and so it goes with our gu'ment Condi, Bush, Cheney, Scapegoat of the minute (who WILL fall, mind you)

Theme: Thanks
At first glance I thought the baby had already hung itself. comforting, i know.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Theme: No
Pretty obvious. It's titled No lies. cool anyway.

Theme: No
Yeah, what they said! Free Radio

Theme: No

Artsy, man. link

Theme: No

ew. [think about it]

Theme: No
How very apt for the CIA

¡Ningún Sr. Mean Farmer Man! ¡No tome los babys de la gallina!

Theme: No
No more racoons and other rodents! I blow you away!

Theme: "No"
Again, another image that comes up with no obvious relation to the word No. Maybe everytime some suggests she cut her hair, she yells "NO!"

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Today's Theme: Itchy.
This is a perfect example of how Germans love America and really *try* to emulate American culture. But they just don't get it quiiiiite right, do they? I mean, Itchy Poopzkid ???? Sounds they need to see Herr Doktor.

Theme: Itchy
I think this has something to do with a *very old* version of some Itchy and Scratchy video game.

Theme: Itchy.
Umm, yeah.

(YeOw!! My crotch is on fire!)

Today's Theme: Itchy
I don't know why this came up, but I'm glad it did.

Today's Theme: Itchy.
Here are some itchy people according to some University in UK

Random Images Du Jour.

"What's the Soup Du Jour?"
"The soup of the day."
"That sounds delicious. I'll have that."

Thursday, July 21, 2005

i like this. it is good because it makes me think of when i was little and was visiting my Granny and she had leftover coloring books from my older half-siblings from the late 70's and it was good times.

Look kids, you can learn to play the guitar, even if you have nubby vinyl hands!

Note near the bottom right it advertises "National Rejector." Sometimes I wish I had one of those. (like right now, at work. or at the bars with skeezy dudes all slobbering up on my ass. ew.)

Ah yes - now I know what would make me irresistable to gay men!

This was found on this site, here

Sunny, alright.

a basic image from the NOAA site

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

i like doing random-ass searches on google images. on my other blog, for example, you will see a pic of a cat with angel wings. that came from googling "dead cat."

this and the next two images were found googling "perfect life."
some of you will know why this is so super. and some of you will be wondering why. at any rate, here's another contribution from the google images gallery.

This also showed up under "perfect life" for some odd reason. or maybe not so odd? hard to say - the guy does look pretty happy and he is very kind in being so welcoming to his guests. i just hope some actually showed up.

also from kaki king (see below)
in case you don't know her (in which case ou suck) - she rocks

from kaki king's photo log on buzznet, too lazy to link right now.

creepy in a creepy sort of way.